Poster proposal for ASCILITE ’09

I just had a poster proposal accepted at the Australasia Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE) Conference, in Melbourne, Australia.

The title of the proposal is:

‘A vision for truly adaptable and accessible learning objects’


The focus of the proposal is to explore ways in order to respond to the challenge of providing truly learner-centred, accessible, personalised and flexible learning. This work suggests a solution which is based on the principle that learning content can be generated from adaptable aggregations of learning objects and media components using proven learning patterns. The proposal proposes a transformation, augmentation and substitution (TAS) service, which by using a variant of IMS AccessForAll works on available metadata and user profiles to generate alternative, equivalent learning experiences, relating to a user’s declared needs, preferences and learning styles.

The TAS  service encompasses methods to retrieve a learning object upon request by a user, unpack and disaggregate the learning object, execute the adaptation process, re-aggregate the learning object components and deliver the adapted learning object to the user, in the form in which it is required.

The paper is available at: http://www.ascilite.org.au/conferences/melbourne08/procs/gkatzidou-poster.pdf


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