New job, new research horizons

All good things come to an end, and after studying and then working at Teesside University for many years, it is time to challenge myself, get our my comfort zone and ‘start fresh’ at a new post. I am starting my new job in a couple of weeks at Brunel University in London.

I will be working on esti², a mobile-health medical research council- funded project.

The esti² (electronic self-testing Instrument for sexually transmitted Infections)Consortium is a cross-disciplinary collaboration, partnering with industry to develop and deploy rapid pathogen detection technologies integrated with mobile technologies. The overall aim is to develop novel personalised technologies, which will enable highly accurate self-testing diagnostics for STIs that can be electronically linked to clinical care pathways and STI data capture.

My role in this multi-disciplinary project is to design a clinically relevant, effective and user-acceptable mobile user interface for esti² through user centred design methods. I will be working closely with Dr. Kate Hone at Brunel, and other colleagues from University College London, Queen Mary University,St. George’s university, Warwick University and Public Health England.

Fore more information on the project:


An interview with Dr. Tariq Sadiq, the PI of the Consortium

Guardian interview

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