Web for All (W4A) 2014 Conference Accepted Papers

I am the co-author in two papers that have been accepted at the Web for All (W4a) conference which is co-located with the International World Wide Web Conference. W4A has a strong focus in accessibility- and the work on improving and understanding access for people across the accessibility continuum. I think that W4A is a fairly underrated conference (both in terms of ranks and general awareness) as it allows researchers to disseminate work on accessibility that goes beyond the ‘technical implementation’.

These papers have been led by Ability Net staff (Dr. Chris Bailey and Raph Clegg-Vinell) with whom I have collaborated on various projects.

Measuring and Comparing the Reliability of the Structured Walkthrough Evaluation Method with Novices and Expert

Christopher Bailey, Elaine Pearson, Voula Gkatzidou

The first paper is discussing the results of a series of trials of a bespoke web accessibility knowledge management tool (AEA) that compare the realiability of accessibility evaluations produced by two groups (novices and experts) and also discusses the potential of the AEA and its underlying method as a viable tool for expert evaluators

Investigating the Appropriateness and Relevance of Mobile Web Accessibility Guidelines

Raphael Clegg-Vinell, Christopher Bailey, Voula Gkatzidou

This paper investigates the appropriateness and relevance of mobile web accessibility guidelines (MWBP) by presenting the preliminary findings of a study that examines how effectively a bespoke method of mobile testing can be mapped against the guidelines provided by World Wide Web Consortium and MWBP.

You can find out more about the conference and the list of accepted papers here

You can also listen to the abstracts of the accepted papers with the free Capti Narrator app (for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) that is fully accessible with VoiceOver.

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