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Where do Cars Go at Night? A children’s book of the future

The research lab of moovel Group GmbH is addressing the question of how autonomous driving will change our mobility, and illustrates possible scenarios for the future

‘Where do Cars Go at Night’ is a book that teaches children what self-driving cars do at night.

The illustrated book tells the story of a day in the life of the self-driving car ‘Carla-15’. During the daytime, Carla-15 and her car friends carry people from A to B. At nighttime, they do shopping, sweep the streets, and water plants in the park. These examples illustrate how, through fleet management and advanced sensor technology, self-driving cars could be used in new fields and relieve the burden on cities. As an electric vehicle in a car-sharing fleet, Carla refuels at the charging station after her work is done.


Source: Moovel Lab

CARLA-15’s story shows of how life will change once autonomous vehicles are an everyday reality. CARLA-15 is part of a shared-vehicle fleet that brings us from A to B during the daytime, but won’t need to “sit around and sleep” during the night. CARLA-15 explains how she will be able to help us with our daily tasks, while we are sleeping.

The aim of the project is to make future scenarios tangible using a simple story, and to present the complex topic of autonomous driving in an easy-to-understand and tangible way. This should encourage children and adults to take part in the social discourse about the future of mobility.

How self-driving vehicles will change the mobility is starting to be common talk within the sector, and they wanted to bring the discussion down to a level the everyone (including children) can understand and relate to.


The following video shows what a group of kids from Germany thought about self-driving vehicles and how they found the book itself:

The book and video at www.lab.moovel.com/projects/where-do-cars-go-at-night.

This book has not been published yet but can be accessed on Issuu:

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