Educational Design Research Book

I have been recently struggling with the concept of design methodologies,especially in the field of educational design research, which my work falls in. Although it still has it defenders, educational technology research has been and continues to be a largely pseudoscientific and ‘socially irresponsible’.Educational Research can be an invaluable process, yielding considerable insight into how to optimise educational interventions and better understand teaching and learning. However this field presents researchers with significant methodological challenges and scientific rigour can be difficult to maintain.

I found the following resources really valuable to give me an insight to this area:

Herrington, J., McKenney, S., Reeves, T., Oliver, R. (2005). Design-based research and doctoral students: Guidelines for preparing a dissertation proposal. From the proceedings of the E-Learn Conference

This paper argues that design-based research is feasible for doctoral students, and that candidates should be encouraged to engage in it. More specifically, the paper describes the components of a dissertation proposal or prospectus that utilizes design-based research methods in the context of educational technology research.I think this paper will be very useful for someone embarking on a PhD in the field of educational technology research.

Van den Akker, J., Gravemeiger, K., McKenney, S. & Nieveen, N. (in press).Introducing Educational Design Research. In Van den Akker, J., Gravemeiger, K., McKenney, S. & Nieveen, N. (in press) (Eds.), Educational design research. (pp. 1-8). London:Routledge.

This book provides an informative and instructive platform for considering the domain of design research in education. It includes chapters on discussing various approaches to research, from a curriculum perspective, explores ways to conduct design research, investigates the outputs of it etc.


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